What Can I Do About Stained or Discolored Teeth?

sunnyvale dentist teeth staining

Q:Dr. Burhenne, what can I do about staining on my teeth? Is there anything that can be done about the discoloration on my teeth without having to give up coffee, wine, berries ā€“ basically everything I find delicious?

A:Surface staining can be removed during a routine teeth cleaning. During a dental cleaning, the hygienist removes the pellicle, a natural film that forms on top of your teeth. When the pellicle is removed, the tooth appears cleaner, brighter, and even reflects light differently.

Removing the pellicle of the tooth is completely natural ā€“ the biofilm grows like a weed and comes right back.

The scrubbing motion of an Oral B Braun electric toothbrush can be very effective at removing stains and brightening your teeth. Brush your teeth for a full five minutes by holding the spinning head over each tooth and gently holding it against each tooth. Do this with a whitening toothpaste ā€“ Iā€™m a fan of Rembrandt (it has citroxin, a patented stain-remover), and gently hold the toothbrush against each tooth for four seconds. You should see a difference in the brightness of your smile within five days if you were previously using a manual toothbrush.